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حَيَّ عَلَي الصَّلٰوة   –  حَيَّ عَلَي الفلَاح


 اوقات الصلٰوۃ جمعة المبارک  

                Jumma     1:30 PM
       Youth Jumma   3:30 PM
Note: Youth Jumma takes place ONLY when the schools in Conroe ISD are in session.

Last Updated: 05/07/2023 01:06 PM

FAJR         فجر5:45 AM
ZUHR        ظہر1.35 PM
ASR         عصر6:00 PM
MAGHRIB  مغرب[10 Min after Sunset]
ISHA         عشاء

9:30 PM


Al Ansaar Masjid

Our masjid offers a great deal of services and activities. Learn more below about areas of interest to you.

Our Community

Learn more about our community and its humble beginnings



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Donation Projects

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About Us

In keeping our Amaanah with what Allah has entrusted us, and keeping our Amaanah with what the community has entrusted us, Al Ansaar Masjid will provide programs and activities that will bridge the relationship with the child to the parent and the parent/child to the masjid, through engagement, recreational enjoyment and Islamic learning.

Our Community

What started out as a humble mobile home with a few families, Al Ansaar Masjid has grown into a thriving masjid and community located on the outskirts of The Woodlands, Texas.

Residing on seven acres of land, we are blessed with a beautiful prayer hall with proper separation for brothers and sisters, well organized parking lot,  multipurpose building with amenities, children’s playground, soccer fields, cricket practice cage, basketball hoops, and more space to grow.

We have a variety of programs for our community’s demographics including Youth Program and Weekend School program, weekly halaqas, and other educational classes for different age groups of brothers and sisters.

Our Da’wah and Outreach Committee is recognized by our neighbors, other faith groups, and local elected officials for their role in facilitating positive and educated relationships amongst each other.

Regardless of your background, faith, or identity, please come join our family at Al Ansaar Masjid – we’d be honored to have you. 

Learn More About Our Programs

Worthy causes for our future, and your akhira

Below are areas Al Ansaar Masjid needs support

General Fund

Support the masjid’s $15,000 monthly expenses (which cover payroll, utilities, maintenance and general supplies).


Current construction projects include: event hall flooring, event hall roof repair, children’s playground equipment (50% raised), play field fencing, septic expansion, masjid expansion for sisters prayer area, mothers with children area and Imam office.

Sadaqah for Needy

Support the ongoing needs of our community members requiring assistance.


Donations going towards zakat-ul-maal.

Weekend Islamic School

Support Al Ansaar Masjid’s ongoing commitment to providing Islamic education.

Al Ansaar Masjid is All About Education.
Learn About Our Weekend & Summer Programs

Stay in Touch

We would love to see you or hear from you. Below are different ways to interact with Masjid Al Ansaar.

ISGH Al Ansaar Masjid

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